Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting for Better Performance On 2022

Deer are very skittish animals. They are also very sensitive to their environment. A single scent can be enough to scare them off. If you want to maximize your chances of bagging a deer, be sure you use a good deer scent.

But what’s the best scent to use? Let’s look at five of the best cover scents for deer hunting and see which one is right for you.


Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting Reviews Of 2022


1. Hunters Cover Scent for Deer Hunting

Hunters Specialties White Oak Acorn Cover Scent Wafers


This amazing Hunter’s specialities scent fresh earth use outstanding wafer technology which makes it pure and condensed scent part of the wafer itself. You will get with this pack three hunters specialities fresh earth wafer scent, one storage case, and hangers.

These scent wafers are long-lasting fresh earth scent wafers. These scent wafers for hunting naturally refresh themselves when it returns to their storage reservoir after use. Hang your scent wafers from nearby branches and pin them to your cloth for a fast and effective scent cover. It has been designed with specialities scent wafers. It has eight different scents and each case includes three scent wafers and hangers.



  • The product is easy to use
  • It lasts longer than other products
  • It is highly efficient
  • It is reusable
  • It is portable



  • The scent is not very strong
  • You can’t use it on all areas of your body

2. Dead Down Wind Natural Cover Scent for Deer Hunting

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit, Hunting Accessories - Odor Eliminator for Hunting Gear


This is one of the hunting accessories kits. All of the hunting gear you need for wilds. For the backpacking and camping ultimate supply set. Stay scent-free and clean for our next hunting.

In this scent Eliminator pack outstanding 10 piece kit you will get 8 oz laundry detergent, 12 oz Field spray, 16 oz Field spray Refills, three Pac-It refills, Ambush 5-color Face Paint, 5oz bar soap, Travel Case, SPF 30 lip Balm.

To remove all traces of human scent it has broad-spectrum odor elimination. Humans and in the environment, you can use these amazing products on timbers and wherever you want. These products are safe for your sensitive skin.

These are natural formulations but these effective formulas are safe for all types of skin and also attack all the bad odors. This superb dead down trophy hunter kit is made in America. The United States proudly made this kit for a great hunting gift for men.



  • It is safe for sensitive skin
  • It is compact, lightweight, and portable
  • It comes with a lot of useful items
  • It is durable



  • It is expensive
  • The product can get wet and slippery if you spill water on it

3. Wildlife Research Cover Up scent for Deer Hunting


Scent Killer 559 Wildlife Research Super Charged Spray 24/24 Combo


This effective scent killer 559 wildlife research super charged spray 24/24 combo is an effective way for hunting deer. You can hunt deer in this amazing hunting way. In our opinion, this is one of the best scent cover sprays for deer hunting.

This spray is 99 % to stop replicated human odor. This outstanding scent and spray combo will work for a long time even it will continue to work after drying. For your comfortable and easy hunting deer, it is an extraordinary product.

Scent killer 559 wildlife researches super charged spray 24/24 combo will work for days with the heavy application. You will get a 24 oz bottle and a 24 oz refill.



  • It is non-toxic
  • It can be used in any area of the body, including under clothing
  • It works as well as other anti-bacterial products
  • It is easy to use and it doesn’t leave a residue
  • You can use it anywhere you want



  • It does not work on all types of odors
  • You have to buy it in bulk
  • It is not as effective as other products
  • It is not cheap

4. Wildlife Research Smoke Scent for Deer Hunting


Wildlife Research 1260 Scent Killer Gold Spray Combo Pack


This is an outstanding Scent and sprays combo pack for deer hunting. Wildlife research scent killer gold spray has come with Hunt Dry technology. Apply it, dry it, and go for a hunt. It will work with both wet and dry. For the maximum performance of dry cloth, don’t go with the wet cloth.

With this super Hunt Dry technology, it is scientifically formulated to last longer. You can spray on your clothing hours, days, or week before your hunting. This is an extraordinary long-lasting scent and spray combo pack for hunting.

Wildlife research scent killer gold spray is specialized with a blend of advanced odour-fighting ingredients. This superb combo pack will attack a wide range of odours and also at the same time helps to prevent new odors from forming. You can collect this combo pack for better performance.



  • It smells like real pine trees
  • It kills all kinds of odor
  • It doesn’t leave any residue after you use it
  • It works on wet and dry surfaces
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with a travel bag
  • You can use it for up to 3 months



  • It is expensive
  • It does not come with a travel case

5. Scent Killer 1259 Wildlife Research Gold


Scent Killer 1259 Wildlife Research Gold


This is another top-rated scent for deer hunting from the wildlife research center. It has been made to provide you with more support on deer hunting. For the best performance on hunting that is an essential product for you. It will make your hunting easier.

This Scent killer 1259 wildlife research gold will provide has come with the quality of 99% effective at stopping replicated human odors. You can easily cover yourself from deer with this amazing scent. This is a remarkable one for proper hunting.

It will also provide you with outstanding Hunt Dry technology for better performance on hunting. This Scent killer 1259 wildlife research gold prevents new odors from forming which is amazing. You will get this 24oz bottle and 24 oz refill. You may get a feel of homemade cover scent for deer hunting.



  • It can be used as an air freshener
  • It is 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor
  • It works even in low humidity conditions
  • It is non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly
  • It has a pleasant fragrance


  • You have to use a lot of it to cover a large area
  • It is not suitable for use with pets

Why Cover Scent is Essential?

Why Cover Scent is Essential


Naturally, deer can’t come near the human smell or any kind of smell which are not natural. They are more careful of human smell and go away from that point. That’s why cover scent is more essential for deer hunting.


This scent will reduce the humans smell and deer can’t trace the smell. For better performance on deer hunting, this cover scent is more popular with hunters.


Types of Cover Scent

There are different types of cover scents available on market. These cover scents are effective for deer hunting to increase your hunting ability. Some scents are like apple and corn to attract deer with this natural smell of sent. Some are other types of smell. Here are the most popular types of cover scents.



Natural Cover Scent

This kind of cover scent is made with natural ingredient like pure and fresh oils which is collected from different trees. This kind of scent you can easily use on your clothes and is a very effective scent for hiding the human smell.


Earth Cover Scent

This kind of scent is made with the smell of dirt. This is an effective and powerful cover scent to hide human odours for deer hunting. For farmlands, fields, woods, etc types of areas are suitable for easy use for hunting cover scent.


Deer Urine

This way is popular for hunting deer because these smells attract other deer. Deer thinks there was deer recently or still available. Personally, I don’t like this kind of element or smell but it is effective for deer hunting.


Advantage and Disadvantage of Cover Scent

Advantage and Disadvantage of Cover Scent



  • You can go closer to deer without tracing
  • You can mix with the environment without human scent
  • You can hunt by covering human scent to keep balance the natural environment of wildlife.




  • Some scents are so strong smell that is staying in your cloth for a longer time.
  • Some scent is sticky
  • The wrong smell will hamper your hunting performance.

How Does Use Cover Scent?

For better hunting, you should hide your scent from deer. Hide your smell before deer can see you. You can cover your smell with the cover scent.

It will confirm your hunting performance with better strength for the maximum result. You have to know to use the process of cover sent for hunting.

You have to make a circle around you with the cover scent and you have too little bit more around you to wind smell the cover. Hiding your smell from deer nose wind will make a noticeable difference.


Which Is More Effective Cover Scent or Scent Eliminator for Deer Hunting?

Which Is More Effective Cover Scent or Scent Eliminator for Deer Hunting


Cover scent and scent eliminator both are effective and essential for deer hunting. Both will play an important role in better performance on deer hunting. If you don’t eliminate your scent cover scent will don’t work perfectly.

Because which scent you applied around you if it is a lower stronger smell from your body odor then it will don’t work. So these scents are essential and effective also for deer hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is smoke a good cover for deer hunting?

A: yes, smoke is a good cover scent for deer hunting. Smoke is using for hunting as a cover scent for hundred years ago. It is an effective mask and absorbs human odors which are effective for deer hunting.



Q: Can deer smell Ozonics?

A: Ozonics destroys human odors that are why deer and other animals can’t trace you. This is an amazing product for controlling smell and extraordinary invention from modern science.



Q: How do you control the smell of deer hunting?

A: For controlling the smell of deer hunting is start with your hunting clothes, fast of all you have to ensure your cloth odor-free. You have to wash your hunting cloth with odorless detergent. After that, hang the clothes outside. Then spray them with scent killing spray and keep it until fully dry. Use it on hunting before using keep it in an airtight bag.



Q: How far away can a deer smell a human?

A: In our research, one deer can smell a human odor at least 1 to 4 miles away. For hiding your smell you should use cover scent to go near the deer for hunting. Otherwise, deer can trace you from one to four miles away.





So What Should I Buy?

There so many cover scents are available on market for deer hunting. You have to pick the most effective scent for best performance for deer hunting. All are good cover scent in this review.


But for the best cover scent for deer hunting, we will prefer you Hunters Specialties White Oak Acorn Cover Scent WafersThis is a top-rated cover scent for deer hunting. You can use this cover scent for a more effective performance on deer hunting.


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