Best Specklebelly Goose Call On 2022 [Top Picks & Reviews]

Sometimes you need to hunt to save your life. The practice of hunting has been going from antiquity. Somebody take it as a profession. In this process goose is also an attractive thing to hunt. Sometimes you need to find your pet gooses, those are not in your range. You need the best specklebelly goose call for better performance.

When you’re looking for the best speckle belly goose call on the market, you need to consider all of your options. Not all calls are created equal, and you need to find the one that will work the best for you. With the right call, you’ll be able to bring in those birds like never before. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 specklebelly goose calls of 2022.


A Quick Preview:

  1. Best Specklebelly Goose Call: Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call
  2. Best Goose Call for Beginners: Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call
  3. Best Short Reed Goose Call: Primos Canada Goose Flute Call
  4. Best Speck Goose Call: Duck Commander Specklebelly Goose Call
  5. Best Speck Call on The Market: Higdon Outdoors Power Calls, Specklebelly Goose Call
  6. Best Beginner Goose Calls: Flextone Speckle Belly Goose Call
  7. Best Short Reed Goose Call for Beginners: Faulk’s SG-49L Large Goose Call
  8. Best Speck Call for Beginners: Duck Commander Waterfowl Hunting
  9. Best Goose Call: Primos 826 Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call
  10. Best Acrylic Goose Call: Higdon Outdoors Power Calls


What is Specklebelly Goose Call?
The specklebelly goose call is a call used to attract specklebelly geese. The call is a series of short, sharp notes that sound like “kew-kew-kew.” The call can be used to attract specklebelly geese from a distance or to bring them in for a closer look.

What Are the Benefits of Specklebelly Goose Calls?
The benefits of most goose calls are vast. They can be used to call in geese from a great distance, and their realistic sound can bring in flocks of geese from all around. Most goose calls are also very versatile and can be used for a variety of different hunting situations for goose hunters.

How to Use a Goose Call for Beginners?
A goose call is a simple instrument used to imitate the sounds of geese. It can be used to attract geese to a hunting area, or to scare them away. In order to use a goose call, you must first learn the proper techniques. There are many different types of goose calls, so it is important to practice with the type you plan to use in the field. To use a most goose call, hold it between your thumb and the first two fingers. Make sure the call is facing down, and blow into the small hole on the top.

How to Use a Natural Sounding Goose calls?
There are a few different ways to use the most goose call, depending on the situation. If you are trying to get the attention of a group of geese, you can make a series of short, high-pitched notes. If you want to get a single goose to come closer, you can make a series of long, low-pitched notes. It is also possible to mimic the sound of a canada goose by making a series of short and long hoots.


Best Specklebelly Goose Call Reviews of 2022


1. Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call


Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call


The Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call is a great tool for bringing in geese. It has a realistic sound that can mimic the call of a real goose. This call is easy to use and can be mastered in no time. It is perfect for experienced and novice hunters alike.

The Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call is also very durable. It is made of high-quality materials that will last for years. It is also easy to keep clean. This call is sure to help you bag your next goose!

2. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call


Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call


The Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call is a great call for experienced hunters. It is easy to use and produces realistic sounds that will bring ducks in close. This call is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last. This call is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last. The barrel is made of brass, and the call is designed to produce a clear, loud sound. The call is also designed to be easy to use, making it perfect for beginner and experienced goose hunters alike.

3. Primos Canada Goose Flute Call

Primos Canada Goose Flute Call


The Primos Canada Goose Flute Call is a great way to lure in geese. The call is easy to use and produces realistic goose sounds that will have geese coming in for a landing. The call is made out of durable plastic and is designed to last. It is also lightweight and easy to carry with you on your hunting trips.

The is also lightweight and easy to carry with you on your hunting trips. It is very easy to set up and take down, so you can quickly get it ready to go when you need it. Plus, it is compact enough to fit in most vehicles, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

4. Duck Commander Specklebelly Goose Call


Duck Commander Specklebelly Goose Call



This is a perfect speckle belly goose call for you exactly need for spec goose calling. This duck commander is more attractive, cheap, and easy to use.

It has a single short read needed to trick the wildest white-fronted to come to check your spread, it is more than capable of clucks, purrs, and yodels. It is easy to learn quickly to use this call for a hunter because it is made perfectly for less back pressure-tuned.

You need a little more practice of hand position and proper air control for hunting a flock. It is easier to call with this call single, double, and triples. They are more careful and have more eyes in a group, it is tougher to hunt in this kind of situation. But you have to talk with them, as they talk until come to your comfortable range for hunting easily.

When you will hunt successfully it will be a great pleasure. It is so effective to hunt goose with this duck commander than most goose hunters. The Nastiest weather is the best place for the high performance of this call.

It is easy to clean and a friction fit read system is adjustable for better service and is most popular in the market. You will get better results hunting with this call. So you can check it before buying a call.

5. Higdon Outdoors Power Calls, Wooden Goose Call

Higdon Outdoors Power Calls, Wooden Goose CallHigdon Outdoors Power Calls, Specklebelly Goose Call (Best speckle belly call for the money)


Higdon outdoors power call is a special one on the market. If you are thinking to buy a short reed goose then you should visit this item. It has so many advantages to use for proper hunting. It will also have some exceptional qualities. This wooden goose call is designed with built-in back pressure, that’s why this is a more user-friendly operation for the full range and volume. This kind of design is most effective for hunting use.

The internal designs of Higdon outdoors power call is unique, no one gives that kind of design. It has a set of guts in its internal gut system is designed. This is a revolutionary internal system from Higdon outdoors. This is the best speckle belly call for the money in our opinion.

Pan style gut of this most goose call is not deep but a wide tone channel will make sure to provide the sound you need. Because of that you will get loud ear-piercing yodels, soft clucks, and grumble with comfort. The making material of this product has been used in plastic material.

6. Flextone Snow Goose Call


Flextone Snow Goose CallFlextone Speckle Belly Goose Call (Top specklebelly goose calls)


This Flextone snow goose calls more modern and you will be going to love it. This is more attractive for its look, use, and cheap price also. It is so simple and easy to use.

Flextone is improving its product quality and durability day by day for providing better service. For high performance of call, Flextone is committed. They will give their best.

Backpressure is the most important thing of a call. In this call, the backpressure is amazing because this thing you are going to love it. For better hard and soft blow, you will get a soft and flexible barrel for proper performance.

To get the right amount of backpressure press the bell it will ensure you the reed breaks right every time. The natural sound and control of flextone are unique, you can’t compare it with other calls.

7. Faulk’s SG-49L Large Wooden Goose Call



Faulk's SG-49L Large Wooden Goose CallFaulk's SG-49L Large Speckled Belly Goose Call

Today we will talk about Faulk’s large speckled belly goose calls; this is a well-known brand of call. Yes, Faulk’s is an international manufacturer of goose game call. There been making calls since 1951. They have a reputation in this field. They make handcrafted goose game call.

The interesting thing is that all calls are still hand-tuned by the instruction of Faulk himself. He trains up all the members of the manufacturing process. That’s why the quality of their calls is awesome. They are maintaining their standard perfectly.

This model is made with the material of wood and handcrafted. Faulk’s will give you the individual tune and the highest quality of wood Cajun style. This is an exceptional call style in the whole industry of goose game call manufacturers. They are also the hunter’s best choice for their quality.

In this industry, they are the most dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. You can easily decide to choose the best goose call from their production and especially this one will be a smart choice for you. These goose calls are full-sized calls tuned to crackle and heavy-duty reed is also tuned.

8. Duck Commander Waterfowl Hunting

Duck Commander Waterfowl HuntingDUCK COMMANDER Specklebelly Goose Call Waterfowl Hunting Accessories and Gear

This model little bit expensive from the model of duck commander before we discuss it. That model also has the potential to better hunting of goose.

This speck belly goose has been made with a short reed. Because this short reed will give you a deep raspy goose sound. It will be an effective sound for better hunting. This model will also provide you with a special and proper sound like other duck commanders.

In this speckle belly, the most goose call has been used as a finger groove for your advantage. When you don’t need to call then you can use this finger groove to keep your hand tight. This new feature is more useful for speckle goose calls when you don’t need to call.

All products of duck commander are easy to learn quickly and comfortable to use. You must talk with them as they talk with you before they come into your comfortable range to hunt them. This speak call will make it easier with its best performance.

9. Primos 826 Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call

Primos 826 Shaved Reed Speck Goose CallPrimos 826 Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call


There are so many best goose have on the market, most of them are same the thickness at the end but Primos are not the same at the end. It is different because of the special process of making. In this process it has shaved the reed for making the tip of the short reed is much thinner and tulip saved in this call.

The tulip-shaped reed is from 6/1000 inches to14/1000-inch thick. It will give you a perfect sound with less air pressure on the call. In this Primos shaved reed, you will get a huge sound, you can use it for a long-distance hunt or large field or swamp.

This is a great advantage for a call. The shaved reed speck from yodels the piercing call of sound will surprise you. This is an extraordinary quality of sound. Primos shaved reed speck goose call is such a special call on the market for its quality. This is a super loud call at present on the market.

These are crafted and they will give you the high quality of material for its better quality and more durability. You must take a look at this call before buying calls. It will super loud sound with less requirement of air pressure.

10. Higdon Outdoors Power Calls


Higdon Outdoors Power CallsHigdon Outdoors Power Calls, Specklebelly Goose Calls


It is a special model from Higdon outdoors, I love it. If you want a goose call in an internal revolutionary system then that is the best choice.

This acrylic goose call has designed with built-in back pressure this is a more user-friendly operation for a full range and volume of a speckle goose to maintain. This built-in backpressure is made it easier to use.

The wide channel of this product is ensuring you that every ounce of effort into it that will provide sound but the pan gut of this call is not so deep. Because of this reason, that will give you more loudly ear-piercing yodels, more soft clucks, and murmurs with comfort.

It has designed a revolutionary internal system that is exceptional no one gives this kind of system. This internal gut system has includes a set of guts in it. This unique goose call from Higdon outdoors will provide you with an acrylic body.


Types of Goose Call [3 Types]

Types of Goose Call


There are three types of calling goose that is popular at present on the market. These all are effective, though each has strengths and weaknesses. These all are capable of effectively goose call. Come let’s know…


Cavity Calls

Cavity calls are generally made with the material of wood and polycarbonate. It is comparatively long reed is fixed over a channelled tone board and maintained by a floating wedge.

This is the best goose call for beginners because it is easiest to learn as the long reed will break from a low not with just increase little bite airflow.

The Weakness of this call is the limited volume of the windy condition and distant goose to lack of tone vibration.


Flute Calls

These flute calls are easy to use and it makes a good range of pitch. The long barrel and internal design of the call make built-in backpressure. The quality of this call has made you have to do some practice to achieve it.

You can make a wide range of best goose call and good volume with some practice. It is difficult to control during the fastpitch calling because of its design. For this reason, the manufacturer comes back to the short reed. After that design flute calls are now total user-controlled and a complete range of goose sounds.


Short Reed Calls

This short reed goose call is so much popular with the customer on the market. There are so many short reeds call available on the market. It differs from others because its barrel, inserts, tone board, wedge, and short reed are special.

A short reed goose call will provide an adorable and deeper sound. The inside of call reed replacement is so effective for making this kind of sound. It will give the best basic goose sound to beginners for its backpressure. An experienced caller can use this call with one hand for his hunting advantage.




SpeckleBelly Goose Call Tips and Tactics

SpeckleBelly Goose Call Tips and Tactics


To get a group of short reed goose you need some essential tips and tactics you must know. You have to know the exact area is fed and you have to know the season of their more possibility to present. Goose is more worried and reactive at human presents, so you also have to be more careful to hunt them. Here are some hunting tips you must keep in mind.


Location is the most important thing for speckle goose hunting. The Feeding area of the snow goose is the target of the hunter but you should remember one area is not the right choice for hunting.

They will not come to the same location every time. You have to think about more options. Because the feed of individual areas will be finished at the same you have to keep other options.


For the best result of hunting, you must have to keep widespread preparation. It is the key to your hunting success and the most important thing to consider. You can take a camouflaged layout and stay here to call for better hunting and also have to know the wind directions, speed, and weather conditions for feeding field areas and the downwind is the way of goose. So you need proper preparation at your level best for the goose call.


Calling Belly Goose

Fast if you need to learn how to read the goose call before hunting. They do a specific sound for their call. You should learn this most essential sound of speckle belly does for calling. They have a high-pitched sound, you can think it is the sound of the children’s laughter.

They call on the high and low pitch you should remember both of these. When the goose is coming easily to the trap you don’t need to apply the aggressive way.



How to Blow a Speck Call | Calling Specklebelly Geese



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best specklebelly goose call?

A: There are so many specklebelly goose calls with quality brands on the market available now. You have to choose to fast which types of calls you need. In this review, the best goose call for beginners in our opinion is Faulk’s Large Speckled Belly Goose Call SG-49L.

Q: Who makes the best specklebelly goose call?

There is much debate over who makes the speckle belly goose call. Some people swear by the Duck Commander Goose Call, while others prefer the Primos Canada Goose Call. There are many other brands on the market, but these two seem to be the most popular. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which call works best for them.

Q: How to Use a Specklebelly Goose Call?

To use a specklebelly goose call, hold the call in your left hand and cup your right hand around the call. Cover the reed with your thumb and use your fingers to create a “duck quack” sound.

1. Yodel – This call is used to attract specklebellies from a distance.
Step 1: Find an open area with a lot of trees and bushes.
Step 2: Yodel loudly to attract the specklebellies.
Step 3: Enjoy your delicious specklebelly!

2. Come Here – This call is used to get the geese to come closer.
Step 1: Position Yourself Near the Geese
Step 2: Call the Multiple Geese to You
Step 3: Reward the Geese for Coming to You

3. Feeding Call – This call is used to imitate the sound of food being eaten.
Step 1: Start with a basic call, such as the “Hello” call.
Step 2: Add in a few variations of the “Feeding Call” to make it sound more realistic.
Step 3: Practice until you can make the call sound realistic.

4. Honk – This call is used to get the attention of a group of geese.
Step 1: Find a Group of Geese
Step 2: Point your Finger at the Geese and Honk
Step 3: Enjoy the Geese’s Reaction

5. Assembly Call – This call is used to gather geese together for migration or hunt.
Step 1: Find a Goose
Step 2: Approach the Goose
Step 3: Make the Assembly Call
Step 4: Repeat

6. Roosting Call – This call is used to tell the geese to roost in a certain area.
Step 1: Make sure you are in a safe location where the geese are accustomed to being roosted.
Step 2: Face the geese and make the sound of a rooster crowing.
Step 3: The geese will likely move towards you in response to the call.
Step 4: When the geese are in close proximity, slowly move towards them and encourage them to roost in the desired area.

7. Warning Call – This call is used to warn other geese
Step 1: Make the Warning Call
Step 2: Look Around for Other Geese
Step 3: Warn Other Geese of Danger



So what should I buy?

There thousand of goose calls are available in the market. You have to pick the right one. Quickly learning the quality of the call and easier use advantage is more important for the most goose call. Quickly learning is more important for the beginner. We will recommend Higdon Outdoors Power Calls: Specklebelly Goose Calls. This one you must purchase in our opinion.

In this review before we discuss these, all are the best goose calls 2022 in our opinion, so you can pick your favourite one from here. Hope you will enjoy the buying experience.


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